The thrilling story of the first part of an Italian boat trip around the world

First from Gran Canaria to Santa Lucia, in the Caribbean, participating in the Arc Plus, and then in the World Arc, the Rally around the world arriving in Australia in the summer and in March of the following year in Santa Lucia, thus completing the circumnavigation, via Cape of Good Hope.

Dreams are shattered, however, in 2020 during the Pacific crossing, where the news of the pandemic from Covid arrives and the ‘regatta’ is suspended; the organization calls for a direct route to Tahiti where to leave the boat for a forced repatriation. Ariel thus extends the stage by another thousand miles, avoiding the planned stop at the Marquesas Islands and reaches Papeete in twenty-four days without stopping.

He will only be able to leave in mid-May, returning to the mythical atolls of the southern seas of the Tuamotu. Subsequently, the French government will allow to navigate between the islands of the Society, and therefore it will be possible to bow on Moorea, Raiatea, Tahaa, Bora Bora in the total absence of tourism, with places suddenly returning to those of fifty years ago and a nature that returns to the wild. .

Finally, permission to sail to Fiji. Another eighteen hundred miles of non-stop ocean, and a violent storm of four days, to anchor in Denerau bay, where the crew is forced to nine days of quarantine, despite the twelve spent at sea, before yet another Covid test and the permission to disembark.


Paolo Casoni, former university professor of Surgery in Parma, as a sailor has sailed for one hundred thousand miles in all corners of the Mediterranean, always accompanied by his wife Cecilia, as skipper of his own boats, in six Atlantic crossings and a crossing of the Pacific Ocean from Panama to Fiji.

Da Punta Ala alle Fiji

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