Starting from our coasts to cross Gibraltar and cross the Atlantic Ocean: every Italian sailor at least once has dreamed of crossing the borders of the Mediterranean.

In this book, a surgeon from Parma condenses the experience of two crossings made from Punta Ala to the Caribbean with his boat and two sailing returns. Because all boaters know that, if going is easy, with the trade winds in favor, returning is more challenging, with winds often in the bow.

The logbook, 11,000 miles long passing through the Canary Islands, Martinique, Bermuda and the Azores, thus offers technical advice and useful information, but above all returns the magic and the meaning of sailing in the great oceanic spaces, and therefore the reasons for a choice. .

A precious book for those who dream of the big step, with all the information, for example, on how to prepare your boat, on how to pass the Strait of Gibraltar, or on on-board consumption, but fascinating to read for anyone who loves the sea and sailing.


Paolo Casoni is a surgeon, former professor at the University of Parma, currently freelance. For three years he taught emergency medical courses on board for crews departing for the Atlantic Odyssey.

Owner and skipper of his own boats, he has more than 60,000 miles to his credit with four Atlantic crossings (two complete Atlantic circuits) and several ocean crossings between Gibraltar, the Canary Islands, Madeira, the British Virgin Islands and Bermuda.

He loves sailing with his wife Cecilia, his partner in life and at sea, and with his children Matilde and Gregorio, who have taken their first steps on the deck of a sailboat.

isbn: 978-88-6594-595-7
pp.: 288

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