Art Odyssey 2023 will be divided into 12 navigation sections across the Mediterranean over the period April – September 2023. The journey, organized with the friends of Milanto Expedition, will begin for Ariel from the fourth section (Leg 4), departing from Corfu.

Ariel can accommodate up to a maximum of 6 travel companions for each route. The participants in the project will have the opportunity to live a truly extraordinary experience: not only will they be able to sail along the routes of the ancient peoples of the Mediterranean, but they will also have the opportunity to visit archaeological sites and historical places, arriving from the sea just like in the past.

The routes of the journey

Leg 4 Corfu – Athens
Under the sign of Apollo
Sun 4 June – Wes 14 June ( 10 days, 240 nM)
Corfu, Ionian Islands, Delphi, Corinth Canal, Athens
The journey will begin with a cruise to the Ionian islands and then sail to Delphi, the navel of the ancient world. From the coast we will ascend to the Sanctuary of Apollo through the sacred grove of thousand-year-old olive trees at the foot of Mount Parnassus. From here we will cross the Corinth Canal arriving in Athens.

Leg 5 Athens – Leros
The Cyclades
Thu 15 June – Sun 25 June (10 days, 200 nM)
Athens, Delos, Mikonos, Paros, Naxos, micro Cyclades, Leros
We will set sail from Piraeus to navigate through the Cyclades islands between archeology, history and a fabulous sea.

Leg 6 Leros – Fethiye
The Lycian coast and the Venus of Cnidus
Tue 27 June – Fri 7 July (10 days, 120nM )
Leros, Bodrum, Knidos, Symi, Lycian coast, Fethiye
From the island of Leros we will sail to reach Turkey sailing along the Lycian coast, stopping in bays with crystal clear water and visiting wonderful archaeological sites overlooking the sea.

Leg 7 Fethiye – Astipalea
The rout of the knights
Sun 9 July – Wes 19 July (10 days, 210nM)
Fethiye, Castellorizo, Rhodes, Symi, Cnidus, Astipalea
We will sail from Turkey to reach Castellorizo (the island of the Mediterranean film) the eastern limit of the Greek islands. From here we will sail to Rhodes, the island of the Knights, and we will go up to Simi and Cnidus to set course for the splendid Astipalea, the island with butterfly wings.

Leg 8 Astipalea – Syracuse
The roar of the Lion of San Marco
Sat 22 July – Sat 5 Aug (14 days, 587 nM)
Astipalea, Santorini, Milos, Chania (Crete), Balos, Syracuse
Arriving in Santorini from the sea is an extraordinary experience. We will continue to make a stop in Milos and descend pushed by the Meltemi to the island of Crete, visiting the ancient Venetian fortresses from where the roar of the Lion of San Marco ran over the seas against the Ottoman invasion. We will set sail from the splendid blue lagoon of Balos for a long wonderful crossing to Syracuse.

Leg 9 Syracuse – Trapani
The Sicily of the temples
Tue 8 Aug – 18 Aug (10 days, 280 nM)
Syracuse, Agrigento, Pantelleria, Marettimo, Favignana, Levanzo, Trapani
We will sail along the coast, stopping in some of the most famous archaeological sites and some of the most evocative places in southern and western Sicily. We will stop in Pantelleria to immerse ourselves in the lake of Venus and continue for a cruise in the Egadi islands up to Trapani and the temples of Selinunte.

Leg 10 Trapani – Menorca
The sea of the Phoenicians
Sun 20 Aug – Wes 30 Aug (10 days, 421 nM)
Trapani, Cagliari, Chia, Capo Spartivento, Teulada, Carloforte, Menorca
This was once the sea of the Phoenicians, skilled navigators who traded throughout the Mediterranean. Even today, the southern coast of Sardinia, beautiful and wild, preserves memories of an ancient time, when Carthage traced daring routes, built merchant ports and erected defense systems overlooking the sea.

Leg 11 Exploring Balearics
People from Ibiza
Fri 1 Sept – Thus 10 Sept (10 days)
Menorca, Majorca, Ibiza, Formentera
The colors of the sea and the beaches of the Balearic Islands in September are a spectacle of nature. Are you ready to anchor and swim to the Tropicana Beach Club for a gin and tonic at sunset?

Leg 12 Ibiza – Viareggio
The return trip
Sun 10 Sept – Wes 20 Sept (10 days, 500 nM)
Ibiza, Menorca, the Maddalena archipelago, Corsica, Elba, Viareggio
The return crossing from the Balearics to Sardinia in September is a wonderful sailing. We will enter the Bocche di Bonifacio for a cruise among the islands of the Maddalena archipelago in one of the best times to enjoy one of the most beautiful seas in the world.